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Is this Title who I am?

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

{Standing up} HI, I'm Brittany.

Everyone says "Hi, Brittany."

I am a Christian, wife, mother (you know all the thing included!), daughter, friend, house cleaner, media tech, blogger. I can really become anything you want me to be. But is that me?

Well, no not really. Those are some of my titles. Titles are good. Titles let people know what you do, where you go, who you associate with, your beliefs or religion and sometimes about how much you make....Cha-Ching$!

But titles never tell others who you are on the inside. Only the seen person. Sometimes, okay, okay, a lot of times we get lost in our titles. But these titles do not fulfill us, nor do they make us who we are. Titles alone are not enough! Think of your titles. Are these titles who you are? Or just what you do? Yup. What you do. So who are you? I know I'm not the only one who has asked this question before, maybe not even out loud. I've heard you out there saying the same things. "I've lost myself." "I don't even know who I am anymore." "I've lost sight of me, my goals, who I am."

I think of it this way. I can call myself anything and make you believe that's me. A singer could also sing for days but if they didn't believe what they were saying it would be noticed to those paying any kind of attention. I've heard musicians say they believe what their singing. That's why they sing about their lives, experiences or what they love. You've heard Christian songs that no matter if your right there with them in person or listening over a speaker it runs those Holy Ghost bumps over you! They mean what their saying! Why? Because they know who they are. Their not just a musician their a Christian, a child of the Most High God, filled with the Spirit. And sharing it with us!

Jesus knew who He was. He stated often "I am the Son of man." He also knew who His Father was, His Heavenly Father. No matter what! Even when others called Him a liar and said He was of the devil. He never second guessed. If anyone should have thought twice it should of been Him. I mean they killed Him for what He said! He never denied who He was. He could see His mother, earthly father and siblings. He could have chose to believe what others said about Him. But He chose to stand firm in faith knowing who He was! [side note and for the record: Jesus was not God in the flesh, He was a man in the flesh.]

Jesus was God's Son. He proved this by living a sinless life, teaching others things only a man listening to the Holy Spirit would know and performing miracles. We also have the capability to do these things. If we are saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit (there are many disclaimers here *the problem with blogs* no time to explain.). We too with Jesus can say I AM God's child!

Women, Men, Children, our identity is in Christ! Christ means anointing. If we are with out the anointing, the Holy Spirit, then we will always feel under fulfilled. Also if you are anointed and feeling this way....STOP, turn it up and listen, 'cuz God's got the beat that you've been missin'.... sorry that just came out so perfect as a Vanilla Ice song, lol, yo' I'll solve it! Okay, I'm done ha. That's just how my mind works. Hey, that me! I love me and I love the Lord.(that feels good to say, you try it!) I'm anointed and I still miss it sometimes. I get down and forget who I am. A Child!

Remember the simplicity of being a child? How wonderful it was? We didn't know everything, we were learning and growing. But we knew one thing for sure, who's child we were. If we got lost, we spoke our parents names, when we were scared we yelled for them, unsure about something we asked our parents. They were our first source! You know it was only when we got out into the world we knew we had other options with different opinions, But isn't out parents advise always the best? (if you had a not so good childhood and/or parenting, think of how it should of been) That's our Father! He is to be our FIRST source. I could go on for days but lets ponder and seek this out!

Bible:Exodus 3:14

Matthew 13:18-23; 16:15-17

John 10:25

James 1:23-25

Feel free to comment....I'll take all kinds. Love you guys! Thanks for spending some time with me!

Brittany Turner

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Brittany Turner
Oct 05, 2018

Thank you Ms Jan. I’m honored you take the time to read! Means a lot! Love ya!


Jan Buell
Oct 03, 2018

I love reading your posts and I most love that you are not afraid to put it all out there, warts and all! Love you and your courage, jan

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