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Words, The things that roll of our tongue. Do you ever think about how many words we day in one day? The impact they have on the person who hears them? What you say to yourself and about yourself? Are you an encourager or a discourager?

For years I really didn't think much about what I said. And I'm one who likes to talk! Just ask anyone who knows me. But as I've grown older I'm learning when dealing with our tongue (words) our options are twofold. We are speaking LIFE or DEATH. There is no middle ground, no gray area. Life or Death that is all there is. Our words can destroy or restore. Those we talk to and those we talk about to others.

One of the hardest lessons we all will ever learn is how to control what we say and don't say to everyone we can in contact with. I'm learning that our opinion on something does not matter. Don't use your tongue (words) just because you can. If you're not being led by the Spirit or you can't back it up with The Word of God KEEP QUIET! Because the devil loves it when we say things that hurt people and we cause pain. Once the words leave our mouth there is no way to take them back. The damage is done and can last forever in someones life. Yes, we all have said things in anger or mindlessness to others not even understanding or caring about their impact. As I grow older I've become more aware of what I say. Yes, I still mess up (big time) but I do try to stop and think when a thought come in my head before I open my mouth and let it come out. I read the other day that our tongue weighs about 2g but has the power to control your entire life. It's force can be felt for generations. So, we all should choose our words carefully so that they encourage and uplift others bringing joy to their lives and glorifying God. After all He is the one who gave us a tongue and the words we use. So, be careful what you

let into your mind and heart because that is what will come out of your mouth. Remember our words have great power so use them wisely!

God Bless,

Diane Dishman

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Nov 02, 2018

Thanks Ms. Diane for the reminder. You are a blessing to our church. Love you .....


Jan Buell
Nov 02, 2018

So true and for us talkers, (yes I am guilty) the hardest thing to do. But I am getting better at it and more mindful of what comes out of my mouth.


Brittany Turner
Nov 02, 2018

Diane, I loved this blog! How true it is that we sometimes forget or neglect to think about the power of our words. Even on our own lives! Love you!

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