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Faith, Makes Life Better

Sitting in car line (all you parents/grandparents say "Oh Yeah!") with one asleep in the backseat, waiting to pick up one in the rain. Kept checking my emails to see if the oldest was still going to have a football game, getting group texts #hatethese about the middles basketball practice tonight. Thinking what will I do with the youngest if it's raining and we have a football game?! Will I really have to put up with her, she's enough to handle but in the rain also! #donthate #beinghonest Meanwhile thinking of things I need to do. We are building a house, I'm self employed (cleaning business) I needed to buy cleaning supplies for the next day, I manage the media side at church I needed to make emails, get the message edited for our radio spot, intros and outros, the podcast, the website, Facebook page. At home the endless laundry and dishes, I had just found out that my pre-Ker had a project due in a few days, "All About Me" poster, so I would need to find and print pictures plus buy the poster board. I had to pack for the football game: husband coaches he needed football clothes because he was coming straight from work, also snacks, drinks, and toys you must be prepared with a 4 year old and I am not buying from concessions #thriftymom. Lastly I had to figure out some kind of halfway nutritious supper for me and the 2 kids I had with me. All the men are completely freaked out right now but all you women know where I'm coming from!

Can we say busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Where does this all come from? Being over worked and under paid? I'm thinking it's more along the lines of faithlessness. Yes the lack of faith, doubt, no trust in God. But wait, what? How can that be? Just because I care about things/people I have a faith problem? Lets answer a few questions together and find out.

*When you think something or someone won't come through do you being to try and figure out another way on your own? God WILL come through! Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7(NLT)

*Do you find yourself short and no so sweet to your people, have no joy in what you're doing, only stress?

*Do you vent to others about your circumstances (which usually makes things bigger than what they really are.)

A fool vents all of his anger, but a wise man brings himself under control. Proverbs 29:11 (NHEB)

Side note I am NOT insinuating there is no action to faith, faith IS an action word. (James 2:17) I am also not saying we should not talk about our problems or life with others. I am advising you to have discernment in who you are talking to. So what then shall we do about this? Just jump right in and say "Yup, I have great faith!" All the while bursting inside, making yourself miserable because really you're just still not settled in faith. No, faith is built. God did a thing, he gave us a measure of faith. (Rom.12:3) We have been given a foundation of faith! It's our job to build up from this faith foundation. (Heb. 11:1) Let's face it though we're humans, we live in a fallen world and have issues! So for today let's begin the building of our faith! I've thought of some ways that help me, hopefully they will help you in your faith journey also!

Get ALL God has to offer

Seek God, get answers, stand in faith

Stop talking about it and believe what He told you

Read the Bible, listen to worship music, listen to Christian podcasts, get connected with a body of Christians

Make checklists, list them in order of importance, check off as you go

Be creative. You know you, find out what works for you and you life.

**Remember our Source is limitless! But know your limits! Ask Him for what you need, talk to Him, He will talk back!

~Brittany Turner

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Aug 16, 2018

Just what we talked about in bible study. Make faith our first response to those storms and stresses of life, not our last response when we have no place else to turn. As my faith grows I can quickly remind myself , wait faith first!


Aug 16, 2018

Great word....

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